Opacity in the lens of the eye.

Opacity in the lens of the eye.


Phacoemulsification of the lens with implant

The eye is like a camera. When the lens inside goes cloudy it is called a cataract. When the cataract is removed it has to be replaced with a plastic lens of appropriate power to m...  more  

Lens extraction without implant

In some eyes with longstanding intraocular inflammation like uveitis, the cataract needs to be removed without an implant being placed at the same time. This is to avoid risk of co...  more  

Extracapsular extraction of lens

This type of cataract surgery is sometimes required when the cataract is very hard or the visibility through the cornea is poor on account of scarring or swelling.  more  

Intracapsular extraction of lens

This procedure is required rarely when the fibres that hold the natural lens in place are weak or broken.  more  

Secondary lens implant for Aphakia

Sometimes, for a variety of reasons, cataract surgery is done without replacement with a lens implant, because all support for the implant is damaged. A specially designed lens can...  more  

Lens aspiration

In young individuals and children, when a cataract develops from natural causes or after injury it requires a special technique for removal. The cataract is sucked out with little ...  more