The clear lining of the eye surface.

The clear lining of the eye surface.


Excision of pinguecula and pterygium with autologous conjunctival graft

A pterygium is a triangular wing like non-cancerous growth that grows from the white of the eye on to the cornea, the transparent window of the eye. The growth brings with it scar ...  more  

Chalasis excision with fibrin glue

Often in the elderly, large folds of the transparent lining of the eyeball (conjunctiva) appear due to loss of elasticity and excess tissue, much like the wrinkles of skin on the f...  more  

Excision of Lesions with or without amniotic membrane graft

Many kinds of lumps and bumps and growths like cysts, granulomas, tumours, pigmented lesions etc, can appear on the conjunctiva and cornea. These may need surgical removal and the ...  more  

Conjunctival hooding and Free conjunctival auto grafts

Some ulcers of the cornea, even when not infected, do not heal because of damage to the nerves. These have a good chance to heal when covered with a flap of the lining of the eyeba...  more  

Conjunctival biopsy

When the diagnosis of a disease is not clear, a small sample or biopsy is taken for laboratory and microscopic examination to establish the diagnosis and tailor treatment according...  more  

Cryo and cautery to conjunctiva

Some minor conditions on the eye can be treated by freezing techniques (cryo) or with heat (cautery) or an electric current (diathermy).   more  

Repair of symblepharon

Long standing inflammation of the eye is often associated with conditions that affect the whole body. These can lead to excessive scarring inside the eyelids, fixing them to the ey...  more  

Amniotic membrane transplant

Several of the operations offered and described here use amniotic membrane to improve the success rates. Some detail is provided with the specific procedures described above.   more