Eye Lids

A thin fold of skin which protects the eye.

A thin fold of skin which protects the eye.


Epilation and electrolysis of eye lashes

Some eyelashes that are misdirected and scratch the surface of the cornea can cause chronic irritation and can lead to infection. They can be managed by pulling them out with a for...  more  


This is commonly called a lid cyst. Often it settles by itself with time and warm compressors. When it does not, it needs to be opened up and the material inside scooped or curette...  more  

Excision of cyst

Tiny swellings, yellow or whitish, that appear on the lid margin are often due to the blockage of the oil or sweat glands. They do not go away on their own and can persist for long...  more  


Most of the time this procedure is needed on a temporary basis to protect the eye. At times it is done only by stitching the lids together and it reverses when the stitches are rem...  more  

Punctal plugs and cautery

Dry eye is one of the commonest conditions that affects the eye. It can be very troublesome causing pain and irritation. Plugs are used to block the openings of the tear ducts of w...  more